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Wisconsin’s EcoCombustion Energy Systems Makes the New York Times. more . . .

Cambridge Piggly Wiggly is fifth to achieve 'Green Grocer' certification. more . . .

Award winning services include:
  • Energy and Environmental Consulting
  • Grant Writing and Management
  • Strategies for Success
  • Policy Development
  • Research and Reports
  • Organizing and Outreach
Put 30 years of success to work for you

Areas of Expertise and Experience

  • Building biomass and biofuel plants to reduce pollution and increase energy independence
  • Cleaner, safer energy solutions
  • Building better, safer communities with the Growing Smarter™ analysis to assess tax and environmental factors
  • Protects our families from floods and other disasters with Floodstopper™ software that estimates protection needs
  • Clean air and lakes, and safe drinking water protection programs
  • Highlighting environmental progress and success
  • Authored more than 20 reports such as "Cellulose Prairie: Biomass Potential in Wisconsin and the Midwest".

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